What is the Print Pod?

The Print Pod is a print-on-demand service specifically designed to process the sales, fulfillment and shipping of limited edition prints direct to customers on behalf of artists.

How does it work?

When you place an order though our website, we'll print copies of your chosen limited-edition prints to order and each one will be authenticated with a numbered signature panel, before it's packed and shipped direct to you along with a certificate of authenticity.

What exactly will I get?

The Print Pod is powered by Dark Matter Studio, a leading London based printmaking studio with a wealth of experience and expertise in producing limited edition prints for some of the worlds most renowned artists and galleries.

Our limited edition prints are made using archival, water-based pigment inks, offering the maximum longevity available without fading. We use only 100% cotton, heavyweight fine art papers. Each limited edition print is signed by the artist and numbered in pencil. You will also receive a corresponding certificate of authenticity, as an added security measure.

What will the artist get?

The artist will receive 100% of proceeds from sales after our printing and packing costs. Without having to pay commissions to galleries or art dealers, selling their work through the Print Pod guarantees the Artist a fairer share, enables them to offer their work at more competitive prices and frees them up to spend more time doing what they do best!

How are the prints Packed?

We take packaging very seriously. All our prints are carefully packed by hand using acid free tissue and wide diameter tubes, making the print easier to uncurl when you receive them. Some of the artworks available on our website can't be rolled due to being mounted on rigid surfaces. These are shipped flat-packed in suitably robust packaging.

What are pigment inks?

We use the most advanced fine art inkjet printers and only genuine pigment inks. Unlike dye inks, pigment inks don't get absorbed into the paper, the microscopic specks of colour dry on the surface which makes the colours more vibrant and vivid. Pigment inks will also last much longer than dye inks, without fading, making them much more suitable for fine art printing.


If you have any other questions please contact us.



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